👋Introduction to Plato

Meet Plato, your personal AI investing copilot. Discover how Plato can empower your investment strategy, from insightful market analysis to creating sophisticated investing automations.

Plato is your personal AI investing copilot built into the Pluto platform. He's your go-to for everything from market research and trend analysis to portfolio performance and executing complex automations.

Named after the great philosopher, Plato brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your investing journey. Having access to a wide array of real-time data, he can provide you with the latest market news, stock prices, company financials, Senate trading data, and much more. He's your personal assistant, tutor, and analyst rolled into one.

Plato shines brightest when he's helping you navigate the complex world of investing. He can help you create and manage simple to complex investing automations, enabling you to maximize opportunities and minimize risks. He's not just an AI; he's a full-fledged investing tool designed to give you an edge in the market.

You'll find Plato in several places throughout the Pluto app:

  1. Portfolio Page: Here, Plato functions as a portfolio copilot, focusing on performance analysis. He'll help you understand your portfolio's performance, identify trends, and suggest improvements.

  2. Automations Page: Plato plays two roles on this page. In the Code Builder, he's a code copilot, helping you build and run tests for your automations. In the Visual Builder, he can build automations for you.

  3. Home Page: On the home page, Plato takes on a research and learning focus. He can provide you with the latest market news, analyze trends, and answer your questions about investing.

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