🖌️Introduction to Canvas

Learn how to use Canvas, a powerful AI-powered tool on Pluto that allows you to create bespoke dashboards. Monitor specific stocks, track portfolio performance, and follow market trends.

Canvas is a new feature on Pluto designed to help you monitor the metrics that matter to you. With Canvas, you can create bespoke dashboards powered by AI. To create a canvas:

  1. Go to the Canvas tab and click "Create Canvas".

  2. Pick a starting point.

  3. Enter a prompt, like "Let's explore AAPL and their competitors".

  4. Click "Finish".

If the generated widget doesn't meet your needs, you can adjust its size, change the prompt, or reroll for 4 new AI-generated variations. When you're done, you can share your dashboard with others using an image or a shareable link.

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