💿Widget Data Types

Explore the variety of financial, social, and economic data you can include in your widgets with Pluto's Canvas feature. From price changes to macroeconomic indicators, the possibilities are immense.

The data you choose to display in your Canvas widgets can range from specific asset metrics to broader economic indicators. Here are some of the types of data you can include in your widgets:

  • Price, Earnings Per Share, Market Cap: Use this to display key metrics for an asset.

  • SEC Filings Review: Get the latest SEC filings for a chosen asset with summarized highlights for quick understanding.

  • Trading Strategy Visualizer: Depict a specific trading strategy and evaluate its potential performance under actual market conditions.

  • Stock Screener List: This gives you a list of stocks that meet certain criteria.

  • Stock Report Card: Gives an overall performance grade for a stock based on multiple metrics with various visuals for each metric.

  • Economic Indicators: Data such as Gross Domestic Product, Consumer Price Index, Retail Sales, and more.

  • Index composition: view the composition of an index (what stocks are in the S&P 500).

  • Institutional holding: see which institutions hold a specific stock or which stocks an institution holds.

To create a widget, navigate to the "Create widget" option at the bottom of your dashboard. Pick the size and type of widget, then specify the data you wish to visualize. If you're not completely happy with the resulting widget, you can tweak its size and prompt or try again for a fresh set of AI-generated options.

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