📣How to talk to Plato

Interacting with Plato is intuitive and straightforward. Simply ask him questions or give him instructions, and he'll provide responses or take actions based on your inputs. His ability to understand and execute complex queries makes him a powerful tool in your investing toolkit.

Here are a few ways you can interact with Plato:

Ask Questions: Plato can handle a wide range of questions. Just say what you want and ask for follow-ups or clarification if needed. He can provide answers to simple queries like "What's the latest news on Tesla?" to more complex ones like "What are the potential impacts of the latest Senate trading data on my portfolio?".

Give Instructions: You can instruct Plato to execute actions on your behalf. For example, you can say "Plato, create a strategy that sells XYZ stock when it drops below $100" or "Plato, analyze the performance of my portfolio over the last quarter".

Test Strategies: With Plato, you can run tests for your investing strategies before executing them. Simply ask him to test your strategy, and he'll provide you with a comprehensive report of the potential outcomes.

Get Recommendations: Plato can provide you with personalized recommendations based on your portfolio and market trends. Ask him for suggestions, and he'll come up with tailored strategies to help you maximize your returns.

Real-Time Updates: Plato provides daily market close recaps. If you're subscribed to our top-tier subscription, you'll receive a personalized section about how the day's events impact your portfolio.

Remember, Plato is here to assist you. He's creative, adaptable, and eager to help you succeed. Don't hesitate to push his limits and ask for help or clarification whenever you need it. However, please note that Plato does not give investment advice.

In terms of data privacy and security, Plato operates according to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which you can review at any time.

Finally, one of Plato's standout features is his ability to screen stocks, build automations for you, and test those automations on historical data, capabilities that set

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