Setup your practice portfolio

In this guide you will setup a portfolio with $100,000 in practice money to get you started with automated investing. Once you're happy with your portfolio, you can go live with as little as $100.

The basics

Portfolios are containers that hold money and specify how to invest it across a few or many investing strategies. Over time, you'll have many investing strategies as you build or acquire new ones from the marketplace.
To make good decisions, you need strategies. In the modern age, you can't possibly analyze enough data manually to make good investing decisions, you need help from computers. Pluto strategies and portfolios help you make data driven decisions without knowing how to code.
Getting started with a practice portfolio is easy. In the video above, you can follow Vee, our helpful community manager, as she walks you through the onboarding process.
  1. 1.
    Create a Pluto account with your email and a password at​
  2. 2.
    Follow the onboarding guide, it takes just 2 minutes
  3. 3.
    Welcome to your practice portfolio.

What is a practice portfolio?

Automated investing is very different from manually managing your money. For peace of mind, we recommend you use our practice portfolios until you get comfortable with this new, much better approach to investing. Practice portfolios are great testing grounds because you can reset your practice portfolio, wiping away any losses at any time.

Benefits of practice portfolios

  • Can be reset at any time, wiping away losses
  • Great for running experiments to see how they do in real-time
  • You can learn automated investing without risking your hard-earned money
  • Learn how Pluto works before committing real dollars
  • They're completely free, forever

Next steps?

Now that you have a practice portfolio, here are a few options for your next steps to get started with automated and data-driven investing.
  • Create your first strategy
  • Join our community of lovely experts on Discord for help if you get stuck
  • Enroll your practice portfolio in a community competition