How to find help

This guide will provide you the resources for finding help!

Direct Support


Pluto's discord is an excellent place to ask questions and have them answered by staff members! It is also a great place to discuss competitions, trading, and Pluto with other community members. Join the discord now:


You can email our support team at [email protected].

Community Support


The Pluto subreddit is filled with strategy-building guides and weekly updates about the product. You can also ask questions and have them directly answered by a community team member! Join the subreddit now:


Do you want to text the team directly? Telegram is the place for you. Live help is always available! Join the telegram now:

Find Guides and Knowledge


Our Youtube channel is filled with educational content about Pluto and all things trading. It is a great place for visual learners to build their knowledge! Check out the Youtube:


Pluto's blogs will tell you everything you need to know about product changes, big company announcements and strategy building guides. Check out our blogs here: