Community Rank

In this guide we will discuss what your community rank is and the HUGE benefits of rising through the ranks!

What is your Community Rank?

The community rank of your Pluto account is extremely important! Your community rank dictates how soon you will have access to Pluto's new features (such as live trading) and establishes your position in our community profit-sharing initiative. Improving your rank is done by actively collecting sparks and using Pluto frequently!
You can view your community rank by clicking the sparks in your account's bottom right-hand corner. Your community rank will be listed in the top left-hand corner. The value to the right of your community rank indicates your increase or decrease on the community leaderboard.

Community Profit Sharing!

Our community means the world to us, and we want to give back in a meaningful way! So, We will be sharing our profits with you! Your community rank will dictate the percentage of profits you receive. The higher you are, the more profits you will be given.
We will NEVER award sparks to incentivize trading with real money on your portfolio. We built profit sharing to encourage practice, learning, and making well-informed decisions before ever using real money. MANY MORE DETAILS TO COME! STAY TUNED!

Next Steps?